Please do not harass Moderators and keep messaging them (on the client or website) in regards to other player information and qualification for this Tournament. Worry about your own Team/Accounts and let Staff worry about other players.

A few people have already messaged numerous Staff members complaining about player qualification. As said previous, all accounts for each person will be checked. If they do not qualify under the Criteria set, they will not be allowed to play.

Staff are the only ones who have access to player information, other than the players themselves. Other player information is not your business.

This is very disruptive and serves no purpose other than to complain and waste our time.

Code of Conduct - Miscellaneous.

Do not post negative messages and/or discussions that are repeated over and over and over with no other purpose than to disrupt conversation. If you feel the need to say something, say it once and then move on. Do not disrupt multiple threads in order to get your view out.